"It’s amazing! Becca is a great teacher and every week I learn something new and improve on what I know."
Lorraine Parker

"Pole dancing is a great workout and a good challenge. Becca is talented and a fantastic teacher, who offers all the help she can. We always leave having had a lot of fun."
Hannah Blunt & Juliet Osborne

"Pole dancing is fantastic - really good fun and great exercise. Becca makes it fun and explains everything so it’s easy to understand. I can’t wait to come every week!"

"Pole dancing is great fun; we all have a laugh at our attempts to perform graceful moves! Becca is always helpful and supportive and makes you feel as though you can achieve! Fantastic fun for all."
Julie & Amy

"Becca is a good advert for what she does - so graceful - we can only wish to achieve half of what she can do. We have such a good time and look forward to every Wednesday evening!"
Jo & Annabel

"Pole dancing is the only aerobic exercise we have stuck to as it’s so fun! It builds up strength and confidence. Becca is a great teacher and very welcoming - we love it!"
Sarah & Laura

Pole Active